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Rome’s foundation myth encompasses many of the core themes developmental sciences address.

The legend of the rivalry between Romulus and Remus, twin brothers of divine origin abandoned at birth, saved by a series of miraculous interventions and raised by shepherds, defines a narrative where biological and environmental forces alternate in determining development and identity.

Nature<>Nurture theme is then intrinsically inherent to Rome, as well as probably the most heated and challenging controversy in our fields.


No other city in the world even comes close to Rome’s beauty

Throughout the centuries, Rome has had such a deep impact on the world that, in any way, introducing it almost seems redundant. Founded by Aenea’s descendants 2700 years ago, Rome was the centre of the Roman Empire before evolving into the capital of the Catholic Church and, most recently, into the capital of the Italian Republic. As such, Rome’s influence has, from a linguistic, political and artistic standpoint,  literally molded the history of western civilization.

Visiting Rome thus means more than simply visiting a city, it means revisiting the entire history of the western world from its early beginnings. With its Colosseum, its timeless Forum, it ancient spas and pagan temples, Rome offers a unique opportunity to breathe the atmosphere which once reigned during the great Emperors’ days.

With its more than three hundred churches ranging from Michelangelo’s magnificent St. Peter’s basilica to more humble buildings where the first Christians gathered, Rome also offers visitors a unique window on the history of Christianity. Moreover, thanks to its unequalled art collections, Rome provides a rare opportunity to meet up close with the work of such Renaissance and Baroque geniuses as Raphael, Bernini, Borromini and Caravaggio.

It is by no accident that such sophisticated individuals as Goethe, Byron and Shelley elected Rome as their home, and that millions of visitors continue to pour down Rome’s beautifully picturesque, fountain and obelisk-strewn streets year in and year out. Quite literally, no other city in the world even comes close to Rome’s beauty and artist prowess. The sunny disposition of Roman dwellers and the city’s exquisite cuisine, make for an all the more incomparable setting.