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Dear colleagues and friends,

another WAIMH has come and gone. If you had the opportunity to participate we hope you had a productive experience sharing ideas and new perspectives as well as meeting new colleagues. We had never been so numerous and the scientific programme was richer than ever in contents. 

Thus, we wish to tell you once more: “thank you for participating” and let you know that we  sincerely hope that your WAIMH  experience does not stop here. 

Take a moment to join WAIMH association if you have not yet done so. WAIMH will introduce you to colleagues all over the world.

If you are already a member of WAIMH keep following us periodically visiting our website and looking at social media. WAIMH  wishes to bring Infant Mental Health experts closer together. 

Wishing you all the best for the months to come, we kindly invite you all to join WAIMH 2020 in Brisbane and tell your colleagues to come with you!


Kai von Klitzing, President of WAIMH
Kaija Puura, Chair of the Program Committee
Giampaolo Nicolais, President of AISMI
Massimo Ammaniti, Chair of the Local Organizing Committee




WAIMH infant mental health specialists and professionals working within infant well-being.
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